Techphyre 2012 Tech Predictions

Techphyre Tech Predictions 2012
With 2012 under way, here are 5 of my tech predictions for the year ahead.

The Amazon Phone:

In 2011, Kindle eBooks made Amazon a household name. The release of the Kindle Fire android tablet pairing Amazon content to dedicidated hardware makes an Amazon phone a no-brainer for 2012. Expect this device to also carry the Kindle brand name.


Google+ as #2 Social Network:

Google+ currently fills the #4 slot behind Facebook (600 million), Twitter (175 million), and LinkedIn (120 million). After launching in July of 2011, 6 months of growth place it at 65 millions active users. Expect the fledgling network to edge past Twitter for #2 in 2012.


Netbooks leave the market:

By the end of 2012, most retail carriers will no longer stock low margin netbooks. These devices are expected to be replaced by Android based tablets which will receive large price drops to take the low margin crown in 2012.


Yahoo acquired by Microsoft:

After rejecting a Microsoft bid in 2008 which offered double the companies market value, Yahoo has continued to languish, and eventually signed a deal to outsource its search business to Microsoft in 2010. Yahoo is likely to be folded into Microsoft at a significantly reduced price in 2012.


Apple starts mobile payment network:

Although it is beaten to the market by both Google and smaller players including “Square”; Apple processes over a billion iTunes store transactions each year and has credit card data on files for millions of users who have purchased from its iTunes digital store. This would also dictate NFC (near field communications) hardware be included in an iPhone 5 hardware release for 2012.


(Bonus) Apple iPad 3 with Retina Display:

Apple’s iOS does not scale resolution as with the Android OS since its apps started as written for a fixed display spec. Without a reworking of the iOS SDK, this dictates that the iPad 3 would receive a 2048×1536 display. An exact doubling as was the case for the iPhone 4 display.


3 thoughts on “Techphyre 2012 Tech Predictions

    • Barbra, there are no changes expected for the iPad currently. The most recent update was March of 2012. If you were considering one, now would be a good time to buy. It should remain unchanged until roughly March 2013.

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